World Organisation of Scuba Diving

An innovative organization, where the central focus is on safety, fun, and a good education.


Gerard Oijnhausen


Fred Siebers

Years of joint experience in the diving industry

The World Organisation of Scuba Diving (WOSD) was established in 2005 to create a new, innovative way of (scuba) courses, to lift the international (dive) industry to a next level with modern tools and techniques.

  • 2020

    New digital learning system online (D-Learning System).
  • 2020

    WOSD will be the first global scuba diving organisation to only issue digital certification cards to reduce the 'plastic soup' in our waters.
  • 2020

    New member and certification system (D-Member System) online adapted to the latest AVG privacy and GDPR privacy guidelines.
  • 2019

    New website online
  • 2018

    ISO recognition renewed.
  • 2015

    WOSD is the first scuba diving organization in the world to place QR codes on its certification cards.
  • 2015

    New website online.
  • 2014

    New version of digital learning introduced.
  • 2013

    ISO recognition renewed.
  • 2011

    WOSD has obtained ISO recognition for 7 of its courses.
  • 2010

    WOSD acquires the International Association for Handicapped Divers (IAHD) to also give people with disabilities the possibilities of modern education

  • 2006

    WOSD is the scuba diving organization in the world to introduce digital learning for scuba courses.

  • 2005

    Founding of the World Organisation of Scuba Diving (WOSD).

Contact WOSD

WOSD is not standing still.
The 'eyes and ears' in the field are therefore very important to us. We want to keep the lines short and therefore have 'Regional Managers' in the field. If a diver or an instructor sees additions and / or improvements, please let us know. Together we can remain innovative and strive for an even better system in which safety, fun and good education are central. Anyone can contact WOSD via the contact form or via one of our Regional Managers.

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