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What makes WOSD special?

A good training system in which safety, fun and good training are central.

WOSD was founded in 2005 to develop a new, innovative method of (scuba) training in which the international diving industry is taken to a higher level with modern tools and techniques.


Nowadays it is impossible to imagine life without online learning. WOSD was the first scuba diving organisation worldwide to use online learning as the basis for its courses. The ISO certified WOSD courses are based on the so-called 'Digital Learning System' or 'D-Learning'. At the start of the course, the student receives a training package in which he or she can master the full theoretical knowledge at home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The WOSD system also brings all aspects of the diving industry together so that as a diver, as an instructor and as a training center, you only need one organisation.

"I put my head under water and loose all my worries".

Gerard Oijnhausen - CEO WOSD

Almost all divers will agree to this. That relaxed feeling and the feeling of weightlessness underwater makes diving a unique sport of its kind.

Scuba diving is great. WOSD offers scuba diving courses so that everyone between 8 and 108 can enjoy the underwater world at their own level.


We work closely with our partners to provide you with the best quality of education.

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WOSD is not standing still.
The 'eyes and ears' in the field are therefore very important to us. We want to keep the lines short and therefore have 'Regional Managers' in the field. If a diver or an instructor sees additions and / or improvements, please let us know. Together we can remain innovative and strive for an even better system in which safety, fun and good education are central. Anyone can contact WOSD via the contact form or via one of our Regional Managers.

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