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We work closely with our partners to provide you with the best quality training

Divers Alert Network Europe (DAN Europe)

Logo DAN Europe 2011DAN Europe was founded to assist and protect all divers through the most extensive and trusted network of dive doctors around the world.

DAN offers the community numerous pioneering services, including the first-ever insurance developed specifically for divers.

DAN conducts scientific research to gain a better understanding of diving physiology and share that knowledge with the aim of making diving a safer and more accessible activity.

DAN also develops First Aid training programs to save life in and out of the water. They are aware of the unique beauty and fragility of our Blue Planet and act as ambassadors for more sustainable practices within our community.



European Underwater Federation (EUF)

EUF LogoThe European Underwater Federation (EUF) was founded in 1989 by a number of European non-profit distributing diving federations and has subsequently been expanded to include the major profit distributing training organisations. It acts as a platform to represent and protect the interests of European recreational divers at EU level.

The EUF is the European platform for the recreational diving community and is a non-profit limited by guarantee company.



International Association for Handicapped Divers (IAHD)

 logo IAHD landscapeThe IAHD aims to promote, develop and conduct scuba diving training for children and adults with physical and/or mental disabilities and for instructors who want to train people with disabilities and their assistants.

Since 1993, IAHD has specialised in training people with disabilities. They are also the only diving organisation in the world to be ISO certified for primary and instructor training for people with disabilities. This experience ensures that they are trendsetters that other organisations try to copy but cannot catch up with.

IAHD also strives for dive sites with facilities for people with disabilities so that they are easy to reach during a dive.

IAHD wants to ensure that people with disabilities can receive the same quality (diving) training, certification and diving adventures as able-bodied people.



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